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Master Series

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Electro shock blade with handle

This prod-style electro shock device is a devious way to keep your sub in line! The Electro Shank is..

1,299Kč Ex Tax: 1,299Kč

Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle - Master Series

Keep your plaything zipped up and under control with this half face zipper muzzle from the Master Se..

849Kč Ex Tax: 849Kč

Master Series Vibrating Urethral Beaded Sound

Much like how anal beads excite, this stainless steel sound is designed to add even more sensation a..

2,190Kč Ex Tax: 2,190Kč

Master Series Zeus Arcana

Zeus Arcana Electro Vibe WandWant some vibration with your electro play? With the Arcana Electro..

3,990Kč Ex Tax: 3,990Kč

Spreader Bar 45 cm

Spreader BarMade from stainless steel (polished)lenght 45 cm..

949Kč Ex Tax: 949Kč

Spreader Bar adjustable

Luxury adjustable spreader bar it's popular in BDSM techniques to restrict movement. This spreader b..

1,490Kč Ex Tax: 1,490Kč

Vagina speculum

Stainless steel vagina speculum in three diffrent sizes - S, M, L...

499Kč Ex Tax: 499Kč